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Our major project for Halloween 2004 was to replace the small decorative fence with forty feet of realistic cemetery fence made from wood and pvc pipe.  We used other fences found on the web as a guide, but created the final design ourselves.  We also made some larger tombstones and "boarded up" the windows.  Some new props were added, including a gothic chandelier over the porch, a small hovering specter and a full size grim reaper.

We strategically positioned the grim reaper behind a large tombstone, which concealed a red strobe light that was shined up on his face.  It looked great, but I couldn't capture the effect on film.  Sadly, our fog machine "died" early in the day so we had no "fog spitting jack-o-lantern".  When we got a replacement, it was late so we just put the fog hose under the Grim Reaper, which turned out to be pretty neat.


Our new cemetery.